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Gentle guided sleep audio talkdowns

Mindful Muslim is the world’s first Islamic mindfulness app developed to help 245 million Muslims improve their emotional and mental well-being through guided talk downs of Islamic stories.

  • Entire library of sleep stories
  • Access to my sleep diary
  • Access to islamic mindfulness community
  • Enjoy listening to playlists offline

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This is an amazing app, mashaAllah! I teach self-care workshops and this app is like having an assistant along your self-care journey. I would like to see other aspects of self-care I'm addition to mindfulness and spirituality as well.
Azleena Salleh Azhar
Mashallah very good app for Islam. Highly
recommended for people who r in trouble or sorrow
or support and for people who want to know more
about Islam. Especially the dua section is very
helpful for those in need.
Mohamed Tarequl Azam
It's a amazing for our muslim youths and also for
all ages muslims. The app properly quide u how to
overcome from all kinds of problem of yourself by
the way of the peaceful holy quran and hadith. Love
it most
Ahnaf Tazwar
This app is educative and and very rewarding. I
recommend it our young Muslim for it will remind
you of the simplest and more rewarding actions in
Abdullahi Zaria
Subhan'Allah! This app is very helpful if you're
looking to increase your remembrance of Allah
(swt) and of our true purpose for being here. May
Allah (swt) reward the ones behind the making of
this app, aameen.
Nasha Mohamed