Top 12 Islamic videos about mental health

Islam, without a doubt, gives out solutions to every problem. Muslims and scientific researchers have pondered over the Quran and found evidence that supports various modern issues. One of the primary concerns many individuals face recently is depression and former mental health illness. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that one person every 40 seconds die due to suicide. It stands for the second leading cause of death in the world. It is one of the serious global issues that are not appropriately treated today.

This article highlights the top 12 Islamic videos that can help individuals cope up with mental illness in accordance with the Islamic and current scientific approaches.

1- Nouman Ali Khan (25mins)

nouman ali khan, mental health

Nouman Ali Khan is a well-known speaker that is loved by the modern Muslim world, and he is famous for understanding the current situation of the Muslim community. He’s talks are easy to understand and relate. This video covers discussions in the following:

  • Talks about grief, sadness, and anger. Being overcome with grief and fear can change your perception of the Quran to justify hatred.
  • Not speaking up the truth, due to fear of your circumstances, your fear of losing the job, fear in speaking up in the family due to the consequences you might get.
  • Abandoning guidance due to personal fear in personal decisions.
  • Cherry-picking verses from the Quran and Sunnah do justify anger or emotions.
  • The Quran is a guide to the people who can control their anger and remain at peace within themselves and those around them. Nouman Ali khan further clears these concepts by giving examples of the past prophets, showing no fear in speaking up the truth despite being in a critical situation of being faced by death.
  • How to deal with complicated arguments in a humble and kind way by observing the example of Prophet Musa (AS) certainly can keep your mental health at check.

2- Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi (34mins)

yasir qadri mental health

Yasir Qadhi is a Muslim preacher and has taught various Islamic teaching globally. His talks are very intellectual and are full of wisdom. The video covers:

  • Depression being taboo in the Muslim community & it seems like nobody wants to talk about it.
  • Addresses the fact that the majority of Islamic scholars do not highlight such topics.
  • He gives a reliable fact that sometimes spirituality alone cannot cure depression and that going to a psychologist might be the cure to some people facing depression. Besides, prescriptive drugs can be the solution for some people.
  • Highlights that, in some cases, low Iman does not have to lead in the cause of depression. ( as per the society thinks ).
  • How to deal with people with depression and not to blame it on their Iman.
  • Some people who went through abuse and are not mentally well can have therapy or counseling.
  • How the Quran talks in the context of anxiety, stress & depression.
  • Feeling anxious, stressed is part of being human. Stories of the prophet facing grief and stress, Allah (SWT) did not blame them but instead comforted them.
  • Taking sadness & grief into a limit. Convert stress into productivity as not to overwhelm you to the extent that it harms your mental health.
  • How to comfort one’s self by being aware of Allah’s (SWT) presence, taking pain and suffering as part of the Dunya.

3- Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda (18mins)

depression, mental health, fear, abdul nasir

Abdul Nasir Jangda is a founder and director of the Qalim Seminary. He is a teacher and instructor to various Islamic schools. His teachings include an in-depth analysis of the Quran and the prophet’s lives. This video highlights:

  • Fear, anxiety, having Taqwa in Allah
  • Describing the four components of the human beings’ existence attached in the body in the present world (intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical). If any falls short from balance, then a sense of suffering can occur on the person.
  • Talking to someone in the family or the community about depression, as many suffer due to untreated emotional health.
  • From taking the mental illness situation seriously as it can pass from one generation to the next & can damage the Muslim Ummah.
  • Create a meaningful personal relationship with Allah in the present, no matter what sins you hold.
  • Educating yourself about the Quran and Sunnah
  • Not to shy away from taking professional help

4-Mohamed Hoblos (3mins)

Muslim speaker that preaches various topics on Islamic teachings and laws. The short video comforts the listener as he addresses the Muslims:

mental health, depression in islam quran

  • Not to blame the person because of his sins.
  • Tells the story of a lady during the Prophet time that had a mental issue and the prophet recognized it and consoled her.
  • He describes how some people don’t have control of their mental illness as it not under the person’s control.
  • Mental illness is as real as cancer and people should be more aware of it instead of brushing it off their mind.
  • Quran prescribes to seek advice from a knowledgeable person for help; therefore, seeking professional help should be your priority.

5- Sadness and Mental Health issues | NAK  (5mins video)

The short title of the video “It’s Okay to be Sad – Amazed by the Quran w/ Nouman Ali Khan,” another great talk by NAK that expresses feelings of Muslims facing sadness and anxiety.

NAK , nouman ali khan, depression, fear, grief, mental health

  • Giving an example of the Story of Prophet Yusuf, grieving in the memory of this lost son for almost 12years.
  • Finding comfort from your surroundings.
  • Every heart is unique and no one can understand your pain the way Allah understands.
  • It’s alright to be sad and cry, just as the prophets had faced the same circumstances.
  • Not to use your emotion to oppress yourself and to others.

6- Mental health | Dr, Bilal Philips (1hour 30mins)

dr, bilal Phillips ,mental health

Bilal Philips is a well-known speaker, teacher, and author of various Islamic books. The video covers inspiring stories of people suffering from depression and ways to overcome it. The talk is fully equipped with the community falling into various mental illnesses. The video covers the following:

  • Difference between sadness and depression.
  • It gives examples of people losing interest in life and values and not being able to see good in anything.
  • No clear proper treatment so far.
  • The challenge is not to live a stress-free life but hot to handle it.
  • Talked about the Duas the prophets recited when they fall into distress.
  • Talked about falling in extremes to yourself during depression such as symptoms of (losing appetite, less sleep, hopelessness quickly get angry and likewise it’s opposite)
  • Last 30 minutes Q/A at the end of the lecture from the audience asking questions regarding such issues.

7-The Islamic Cure Of Depression | HUDATV

Dr. Muhammad Salah holds a well-recognized TV-program that answers questions of the Muslim Community, his religious advice backed with Quranic Hadiths have made him a prominent Scholar in the current world. He holds the highest view of rating that is broadcast worldwide.

Muhamad salah depression , mental health

  • Talks about the effects that cause depression
  • Looking at the big picture to realize the blessings of Allah
  • Pondering over the ones that less fortunate than us and realizing the blessings of Allah in it.
  • Allah tests everyone, as it is a means of purification, the closer to death the more test, as it can a means of self-purification.
  • Important Duas to recite while being depressed.

8- Improving mood | Mufti Menk

One of the most influential Muslim leaders worldwide. Mufti Menk is an Islamic scholar that has delivered various fatwa on Islamic principles and teachings. The video covers exciting points and a strong foundation of being positive despite hardships:
mufti menk, depression

  • Loving things that keep you closer to Allah. Otherwise, material things can be tested on you.
  • Being test with everything as they mention it in the Quran.
  • Staying focus on the actual destination in mind.
  • Test to make you come closer to Allah or a means to go far from Allah.
  • Importance of taking the time to develop the quality of Salah.
  • Talks about having vibes of positivity and energy to keep you feeling hopeful.
  • Develop how you read the Quran, understanding the meaning, realize the strength and presence of Allah in you.
  • Statement in the Quran that the more you are tested, the more you will be rewarded.
  • Without problems, you will not even consider turning or calling to Allah.
  • Bad days do not last & are short likewise, the favourable moments.

9-Embracing loneliness| Afnan Hassab talk on mental health

mental health, depression , loneliness, alone

Afnan Hassab is a medical student and raised in Saudi Arabia. Afnan’s speech on the TEDx conference highlighted the difference between alone and loneliness. Clarifying that both terms are not related to one another. Adding that happiness shouldn’t be dependent on people as well. The video compromises of:

  • The feeling of utter loneliness in the mind that eats a person up.
  • Talks about the stigma of isolation that it does not mean to be lonely. The belief of happiness being with someone is a concept induce in the minds of every single child since birth.
  • Therefore, being alone should not be considered bad. Being alone and bonding yourself should be fine.
  • Loneliness brings out the best of you in terms of productivity and being able to actually see your true self.
  • Mental health issues should not be something to run away from, but to accept it in our lives.
  • Accepting to be alone and enjoy your own company of yourself.
  • Not to lead your life base on a companionship you wish to keep. As holding into this belief will lose value over time.
  • Finding happiness within your own company only then can result in being able to bear the loneliness.


10-Depression or Suicidal thoughts? | Dr. Yasir Fazaga – TheDeenShow

Yassir Fazaga is an inspiration and religious scholar from Africa. He is well versed in the topic of relationship and Challenges, as he has educational records in Counseling. On top, he is the Director of a Mental health hospital in California. He talks about the current situations that many people fall under such as fear, divorce, grief, and various other mental health illnesses.

depression in islam, mental illness

  • Not getting to choose when and how is the challenge we face; hence the fact remains that this life is full of challenges.
  • It highlights that depression is not a personal weakness.
  • It has nothing to do with faith as the pain of depression can be overwhelming that you don’t have the necessary tools to deal with it.
  • Islam has given those tools to cope up with such distress and suffering.
  • The second leading cause of death for college students in The US.
  • It all comes down to the coping mechanism and coping skills that a person must acquire.
  • Talks about what are the tools and how to implement them.
  • The symptoms of depression and what to do next.

 11-“Freedom from Anxiety, Depression, and Negative Thoughts” | Dunia Shuaib 

The 5 tips given by Dunia are out of the box scientifically proven techniques that have helped people suffering from various mental health illnesses. Her voice soothes the hearts of the listener and covers talks in:

How to cure depression in Islam, mental health

  • The social media portrayal of showing off the happiness part but hides the suffering everyone holds.
  • Being aware that you are stronger than you think, as Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear. Which means you can overcome the challenges given to you.
  • Gives out five amazing tips to overcome difficult times that are backed by the Quran and Scientific study.

12- Listen to Soothing Quran recitation for better Mental health

A research study (2018), base on the effect of listening to Quranic verses, proves that it can lower anxiety. It has shown that the group listening to the Quran has induced a feeling of positivity in one’s life. For that reason, make a routine of listening to the Quran every day through YouTube or by downloading the MinfulMuslim app. It is an easy-friendly app that contains recitations and meditative techniques. There are a couple of incorporated Duas that can help you face up to any situations. Click here to download directly.


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